Lottery Terms and Conditions

Nightingale House Lottery Terms and Conditions
All profits from the Nightingale House Lottery goes directly to help our patients live their lives to the full: pain controlled and symptoms managed, with access to a wide range of services and facilities. It is also about enabling them to spend time with their family and friends, living as normal a life for as long as they can, creating smiles and memories and making the most of the time they have in the way they wish.

Nightingale House reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions. Any amendments are subject to days’ notice and will be available via our website. There are separate terms and conditions in relation to any other draw and will be available upon the sale of tickets.

Membership, Draw and Prize Fund
New members will be sent a unique randomly selected number. This will be your personal membership number and will remain yours for the duration of the membership.

The regular payment facility is by Direct Debit. Your written authority is required to set up a regular payment using your bank details.

Any person wishing to have more than 5 numbers may only do so with prior consent of Nightingale House Promotions.

We reserve the right to refuse an application for a membership in the lottery without giving a reason. Any such rejection may be reconsidered on submission of a written appeal to the Lottery Manager within 7 days. The decision of the Lottery Manager will be final.

All subscriptions are payable in advance at a cost of £1 per number per week. The draw will normally take place on a Friday morning. Monthly subscriptions paid via standing order or direct debit of £4.34 include 34p to accumulate and fund a 13th week, which occurs every three months.  Any members that have not subscribed the full entry fee for that week are NOT entered in the draw, however their membership is NOT automatically cancelled.

Membership cancellation can be carried out at any time.  If you pay by a regular standing order then you must notify your bank to cancel your standing order.  Where members cancel in credit, funds will be held by Nightingale Promotions Ltd and will be utilised to fund entry into future draws (for the member, their executors or their personal representatives) until the balance falls below £1.00.  Any balance below £1.00 will become the property of Nightingale House Promotions Ltd.

Please note that Nightingale House Lottery office employees are not eligible to participate in the Lottery.

Prize winners are notified by post within 1 week of the draw taking place.  This will include the relevant cheque.  Weekly winning numbers are published within Nightingale House, on Facebook and on our website  Should any cheque remain uncashed after 6 months then it will be cancelled and the funds used for the benefit of Nightingale House Hospice. Every effort will be made to contact you within the 6 months.

Nightingale House Lottery reserves the right to reclaim prizes issued in error.

It is the responsibility of the player to advise us of any change of address or any other membership details deemed necessary.

Responsible Gambling
The Gambling Act 2005 confirms that Nightingale House now has a statutory duty to verify that members and potential members are over the age of 18, the minimum age allowed for anyone to play Nightingale House Lottery.  It is an offence for anyone under the age of 18 to participate in a lottery. The Lottery is only open to UK residents.

An instruction to be self-excluded, as defined in the Gambling Act 2005, from the Nightingale House Lottery may be submitted in writing, emailed, faxed, or telephoned through to the Lottery office.  Customers wishing to use this facility will not be able to re-join the Lottery for a minimum of 6 months from the date of exclusion.

Nightingale House is a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association, which on behalf of its members makes a financial contribution towards Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT). Organisations that can help with gambling issues are:

Complaints Procedure
Any complaints or disputes about Nightingale House Promotions Ltd should be addressed to the Lottery Manager and dealt with in accordance with our policy. If a complaint remains unresolved then a member may contact the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

Members advance payments are held in an account by Nightingale House Hospice Limited. Such payments are NOT protected if Nightingale House Hospice Lottery Ltd becomes insolvent. In the event of such insolvency, players are NOT guaranteed to receive the return of any advanced payments made.

Data Protection
We promise to comply with all Data Protection Act requirements to protect your personal data, as well as storing securely, bank details for those members who pay regularly by standing order or direct debit. Please see our privacy policy for more information:

We may from time to time, carry out courtesy calls to our lottery members; these calls will be from a member of the lottery team or on occasion, made by a third-party company.

We would also like to keep in touch with you by email about our work, future super draws and how your support helps Nightingale House Hospice. Using electronic communications helps us to reduce our costs however, we need your permission to do this.

By ticking the Terms and Conditions box, you agree to receiving emails from Nightingale House Lottery.

If you would prefer not to receive such calls or emails, please let us know by calling or emailing us on the details below.

You can update your preferences at anytime.

Registered Office
Chester Road
LL11 2SJ

01978 313134

Registered Charity No. 1035600   Licence Number: Non-Remote (005112-N-304077-015) Ancillary Remote (005112-A-330219-002) Lottery Manager and Promoter: Amanda Kinsey.