Tandem Skydiving

Challenge yourself and do something amazing – jump out of an aeroplane for charity!!

We have partnered with Skydive Tilstock to offer you an unforgettable experience.

You’ll enjoy a fabulous 20-minute flight to ten thousand feet with breathtaking views across the whole of the Wirral, Liverpool, Snowdon and beyond.

You will exit the aircraft and, you’ll experience the most amazing and exhilarating free-fall. Your parachute opens at five thousand feet and you’ll float gently to the ground. Depending on your brief, you can have the opportunity to control the parachute.

There will be a minimum sponsorship of £500 which includes a £50 deposit and the Skydive itself.

Available Dates for 2022:
Saturday 21st May, Saturday 18th June and Saturday 30th July

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What is a tandem skydive?

You will be in a dual harness, securely attached to your instructor who will give you a taste of what skydiving is all about. You’ll experience the amazing thrill of free-fall skydiving and enjoy a long parachute descent.

Because the tandem instructor takes control of all the vital functions, such as opening the tandem parachute and landing, your preparation for the jump only takes about 20 minutes and you’ll have nothing at all to worry about.

Safety briefing

You will receive a safety briefing from tandem instructors. The instructor will explain, in detail:

  • About the parachute equipment used and the harness you will wear.
  • How you will exit the plane.
  • Your free-fall position.
  • What you are expected to do when reaching the ground.
  • You will demonstrate to the instructor your exit position, free-fall position and landing position.


The parachute club is located 3 miles south of Whitchurch in Shropshire. It is located on the A41, less than a mile south of the truck stops which are by the A49/A41 junction.


Can I have my parachute videoed?

Absolutely! You won’t want to miss a minute of your fantastic adventure and a video is a great way of reliving the memories. A video service is provided for Tandem jumps by Skydive Tilstock. Please contact them on 01948 841111 for details.

For more information contact bethan.scott@nightingalehouse.co.uk

Are you up for the challenge?

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