The hospice gardens. Within its gentle embrace, individuals and families find refuge in the face of life’s most delicate moments. These gardens are more than mere lawns and flower beds; they are sanctuaries where love, compassion, and healing come together to offer solace.

As a result of generous donations from many individuals and organisations over the past 5 years, we have successfully completed the remodelling and refurbishment of our clinical and therapeutic facilities at Nightingale House. To fully complement the updated accommodation, this spring we are extending a heartfelt invite to help us in the final part of this programme of works by recognising and supporting the invaluable role of our hospice gardens in providing comfort, peace, and dignity to those navigating the journey of palliative care.

Please join us in nurturing these vital spaces of compassion and hope, where the beauty of nature meets the resilience of the human spirit.

“Wellbeing is essential to the journey of our patients, and outside spaces have always been integral in enhancing the support and care we offer at Nightingale House. Now that the Inpatient Unit is back up and running and we can provide care at full capacity again across the hospice, we are thinking ahead about how we can improve wellbeing in all aspects and areas of the hospice. We would love to improve the garden areas to offer our patients somewhere quiet to sit, reflect and relax in nature, or somewhere to practise gardening skills to enhance mobility, or simply somewhere bright and beautiful to socialise.”
Carolyn James Wellbeing Centre Lead Nurse

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