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Day unit

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The Day Unit is available to people aged over 18 who have specific progressive life-limiting illnesses. It provides specialist short term therapy over a period of 6–12 weeks.

The Day Unit provides care that is holistic and life enhancing, helping people to adjust to illness and to increase their self confidence. People who come to the Day Unit will be given care and support from professionals and also from other people who may be in, or have had experience of a similar situation.

Care at the Day Unit is delivered by a team of people from several professional disciplines, all of whom are specialists. This involves nursing and medical staff, ambulance drivers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists, social workers and chaplaincy.

The Day Unit is based at Nightingale House Hospice and is open between 10am –3pm from Monday to Thursday. To access the Day Unit services, you will need to be referred by your GP or consultant. If you have not been referred to the hospice for treatment but would like more information, please contact us.

Directions to Nightingale House Hospice

Monday Drop-in Sessions

On Mondays we have a series of informative talks and sessions which people can drop-in to for advice and support. Please call Kay Ryan on 01978 316 800 for more information.

How can I be referred to the hospice?

While it is possible for patients and families to drop into the hospice for information and support, it is necessary to have a referral from a medical practitioner in order to access hospice care and services. This can be either from your general practitioner or the consultant of the team leading your care in the hospital.

The referral can be for any of the hospice services, in-patient care, day care and out-patient support and also physiotherapy or hydrotherapy. Following receipt of the referral at the hospice you will be contacted by a member of the Out-patient Team who will explain what you can expect when you attend the hospice for your initial assessment.

We are always happy to show patients and their families the wide range of facilities the hospice has to offer. If you or your family would like to look around the hospice then please phone to arrange a suitable date and time.

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