Wrexham Lager’s kind donation to NHS and Nightingale House Hospice

A Wrexham brewery has donated hundreds of pounds to two worthy causes.

Wrexham Lager had to quickly adapt to the coronavirus pandemic after losing the majority of their business during the lockdown.

They decided to concentrate their business on a Call and Collect service for bottles and crates were available to pick up during specific times.

They also created a home delivery service for those who lived within a five-mile radius of the brewery.

The family-run business wanted to give back to key workers and so donated £500 to the NHS and £500 to Nightingale House Hospice to say ‘thank you’.

A spokesman for the brewery said: “We would like to again thank everyone that has supported us over these past few weeks. The Wrexham community and all of our customers have really come together and ‘supported local’.

“It’s something us at Wrexham Lager will never forget and the support we have received with both our ‘Call and Collect’ services and ‘Home Delivery’ have been vastly appreciated. Thank you.

“With that said, we have today been happy to announce we have made contributions to both the NHS and Wrexham’s own Nightingale House Hospice. We appreciate the work these people are putting in every, single day even without the unprecedented circumstances.

“We also appreciate all key workers and the work they are doing, it’s not forgotten. Thank you.

“Finally, we appreciate the Wrexham community and all of our customers. Going into a period of uncertainty, we have been overwhelmed by the support given. Therefore, we are happy to announce when things are able to settle down, we’d like to offer up to four free tickets for various home games for both Wrexham AFC and North Wales Crusaders next respective seasons, when they commence.

“We would also like to offer our brewery open to tours for our customers to come and enjoy how we make our lager, and also sample a bit on the way. We will explain more details on how we can do this in the near future, when all this has eased and we can enjoy a pint, or two together.

“Once again thank you, and we wish you all the best.”