Construction site of the new Inpatient Unit

Construction Update – Over Halfway to Completion

As the project approaches its halfway point, we are excited to present that significant progress has been made. The whole Nightingale team are eagerly anticipating the final outcome of this major project, and we appreciate the tremendous support, kindness, and patience shown by everyone involved. Your support has made this journey worthwhile, and we cannot wait to reveal the completed result.

It has been wonderful to witness the changes occurring within the space that will become the new Inpatient Unit. The walls are going up, the electrical work is coming to a close, and new doorways are being created. You can now start to visualise the layout of the rooms in each of the two wings. Each of the rooms will have large doors, providing patients with access to the gardens with resin patios to enable their beds to be wheeled outside.

The electrical system in the new Inpatient Unit has been upgraded, making it possible for each room to have a personalised air conditioning system. As a result, patients will have the ability to select the temperature that suits their comfort preferences once is complete.

Soon, painters and decorators will be coming to start the interior design, and this is when we will witness the most significant transformation. The spaces where walls have been put up will begin to look like real rooms, with the aesthetics of the room coming together with everything from the paint and furniture to art and soft furnishings.