Nightingale House Hospice Clinical Team holding the time capsule

Preserving heartfelt messages in a time capsule at Nightingale House Hospice


We are thrilled to collaborate with Colleg Cambria to create a time capsule for the beautiful messages we receive for our Inpatient Unit Appeal. It’s an excellent opportunity to preserve these heartfelt contributions for future generations.

Reading the hundreds of messages we have received for the time capsule has been very touching, and I feel privileged to share them with the wider Nightingale Team. Having so much support shows us just how much Nightingale House Hospice means to the community and how many people have been touched by the hospice over the past 27 years.

John Freeman kindly made the time capsule for us from the Fabrication & Welding department at Coleg Cambria. He was delighted to accommodate our request and help with something important to the local community. John has a personal connection to Nightingale House, as several of his family members have received care from the hospice. This meant the project holds a special significance for him.

The time capsule itself looks fantastic! We gathered some of the clinical team available for a photo when it arrived. We didn’t realise it would be so big, but that’s even better to fit more messages inside (and maybe a few other things to preserve for the future when it’s opened again).

The closing date to send a message to Nightingale House to include in the time capsule is Friday, 15th September.

Click here to find out more about the Nightingale House Inpatient Unit Appeal and donate.