Phase 4 – Modernisation of the In-Patient Unit

As with the previous three phases, our patients and their families are central to its planning and development, which includes a complete redesign of our In-Patient Unit. Many of the proposed improvements are motivated by our adoption of the NHS ‘Productive Ward’ initiative, which brings the In-Patient Unit in line with the standards and quality achieved in the previous phases of the modernisation programme.

Future families we will look after will benefit greatly from Phase 4. The primary alterations to the In-Patient Unit are mentioned below, along with the advantages they will bring.

  • Converting the current 10-bedroom layout to a 12-bedroom layout. Improving patients’ experience with a range of bedroom configurations to meet individual needs and allow more flexibility for family visits.

  • Each bedroom will include an ensuite wet room, a fully adjustable hoist and toilet, a bed, a mattress, and air conditioning. The new lifting equipment will make bathing and personal facilities more adaptable and convenient for patients, staff, and volunteers alike.

  • All bedrooms and other areas have been decorated to reflect mood-enhancing opportunities along the colour psychology spectrum, such as green (nature, healing), blue (trust, peace), and pink (love) (compassion, sincerity).

  • Matching the room layout by creating appropriate, easily accessible individual patio areas. It is well known that being able to see and experience nature, particularly when a bed can be pushed onto patio areas, at the appropriate time, can improve wellbeing and allow for peaceful reflection on the beauty of nature.

  • Closer facility allocation allows staff and volunteers to spend more time with patients while reducing ‘travel time’ for nurses and health care support workers. Remodeling the service rooms, such as having two sluice/laundry rooms to ensure one room per ward wing.

  • Establishing two separate nurses’ stations, one for each wing, to improve patient safety by allowing staff to observe the patient rooms in their wing, enabling them to respond to patients’ needs more quickly.

  • Create a kitchen area with dining facility.