Nightingale House Hospice Gin

Nightingale house has partnered up with Shropshire distillery to produce our own bespoke House Gin. The independent Distillery is based in Ellesmere known for creating their own artisan-handcrafted premium Gins using traditional copper still methods and the proud winners of 2 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) awards.

After carefully selecting from a handful of tailored botanicals we have chosen a premium House Gin which is smooth with lightly sweet citrus notes from the zesty orange and a lemon balm. The gin works beautifully with a premium tonic, garnished with orange zest or lemon. With just 500 individually numbered bottles for sale, each at £36.50, the Hospice is expecting interest in this limited-edition, premium product to be high.

Bottles are priced at £36.50 and can be purchased directly from Shropshire distillery’s website.

Whilst enjoying our refreshing Nightingale House Gin know at the same time you are helping to fund patient care at our hospice.

It been fantastic working with Shropshire distillery to create our own Nightingale gin, they have guided us through this whole process with their expert knowledge and were so very grateful for their contribution to the hospice and exciting to develop our partnership in the future. The timing is also significant for us due to the pandemic it’s been a challenging year for Nightingale House, we lost a substantial amount of income from us being unable to use our traditional avenues of event fundraising, therefore it was imperative we become more inventive and look at new avenues of raising funds so we can continue to fund our care. Sales from this limited-edition, premium product will help ensure we can be there for patients and their loved ones, when they need us most.
Sarah Povey Community & Events Fundraiser

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