Breathlessness Management

For most people, shortness of breath (dyspnoea) is only endured during periods of activities that require lots of physical effort. It is completely normal to get breathless in these situations, and is in fact good for you!

However, some people experience shortness of breath on daily basis, even when not taking part in any physical activity. This is known as chronic breathlessness and can be distressing for the sufferer. This can also have an impact on the relatives/carers witnessing this symptom and feeling powerless or ill-informed to cope with this.

We have created the videos below (click on the title links to view) for all people who are affected by breathlessness. Our aim is to provide different methods of relieving breathlessness in order to self-manage and improve quality of life. These methods can be used in isolation or in combination to compliment an individual’s needs and lifestyle.


Introduction to Breathlessness Management

Breathlessness and lungs

Relaxed breathing technique 

Hint and tips

Managing panic and anxiety


For the full breathlessness management video click here


Thank you to all our patients and volunteers for your understanding, cooperation and support when making these videos.

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