Wing Walk to raise money for Nightingale House Hospice


Every year, people do extraordinary things that we call challenges to raise money for Nightingale House. These challenges have included 13 people who undertook the 100 mile Ride London bike race, the Great North Swim which involved swimming across Lake Windermere which 2 brave souls did.

Then this is Jo who is walking the Coastal Path of Wales who has already walked over 2 million steps since she started a few weeks ago.

However, one of the most challenging events this year has been achieved by Lisa Davies who last weekend did a Wing Walk to raise money for Nightingale House Hospice. By the look on her face on the photograph, we are not sure if this was before or after!

Thank you Lisa and thank you to the 90 people (or more by the end of the year!) who are doing challenges to raise the profile of the Hospice as well as raising money. We salute you