The Unsung Heroes

Eric-Anne-JoThis morning I was thinking about which department activities or news to include in today’s blog, and a thought occurred to me.

Although the blog is titled as a clinical blog, for many of our patients and their families the first contact they have with the hospice may well be with a member of our secretarial team or one of our many volunteers who give their time on our reception desk.

The secretaries and admin team provide great support to all departments from medical and clinical secretarial support to our finance team, as well as the income generation and lottery team that keep the hospice running. While people often think of the hospice team in terms of  nurses, doctors etc. it is important to remember that the whole staff contributes to the care of our patients and their families either directly or indirectly.

Both the reception volunteers and our  secretaries can be the first point of contact for patients and relatives and they are skilled in responding to the needs of individuals who may be quite distressed. Those in need of support are signposted on to appropriate health or social care professionals in the team. Often a kind, listening ear is offered when it is needed.

Administration also provides an additional opportunity for volunteering and work expereince within the hospice — particularly for students undertaking business or medical secretarial courses. Volunteer students gain experience in the workplace and also insight into the work of the hospice as part of the local community.

This may well be a new theme to the blog over the coming weeks: looking at different departments and the role they play in the services we deliver. Let me know what you think, and in the mean time join me thanking the unsung heroes of the hospice across all departments!

Director of Nursing