Technology in hospice care!

elearnThis week has been an interesting week and it is still only Wednesday!

On Monday we had a group of our nursing staff attending a study session at the hospice to explore the possibilities of e-learning. Regardless of previous computer experience the group navigated through the registration process of e-learning for health and the example modules to identify the value of this type of resource.

E-learning can be a real bonus for individual staff and organisations as it provides an opportunity to introduce certain common themes important in palliative care education and training and to provide a baseline of knowledge that can then be further developed through experiencing and participating in face to face or group training.

In North Wales the Palliative Care education group, made up of staff from both statutory health and education services and independent hospices across North Wales have built in e-learning as one component of staff education identifying key modules such as advance care planning and bereavement support that all staff should complete.

Advance care planning gives individuals the opportunity to think about their wishes for the future, the type of care and support they would prefer to receive and also where they would like to receive care if possible. This is also an important element of our Monday programme at the hospice, for more details on this or other aspects of the Monday programme of information and support please contact the hospice day unit team on 01978 316800.


Tracy Livingstone
Director of Nursing

Director of Nursing