Sponsored Tandem Skydive September 2nd 2017


People say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. So, what if that company is strapped to you as you take the plunge, out of a plane, 10,000 feet above the beautiful countryside of Whitchurch?

Some might say it’s a foolhardy thing to do but not us. Here at Nightingale House Hospice we would say that you were, quite possibly, one of the bravest people we know.

By now you may be wondering why we are using our regular correspondence with you to talk about jumping out of planes. Well it is simple; we are calling on adrenaline junkies, dare devils and those who have wondered what the world looks like from 10,000ft up to make the Nightingale House Tandem Skydive their limit this September 2nd.

Everyone can get involved. Have a fear of heights? Take extreme measures to conquer them and do it for us. Or even use the Nightingale House Tandem Skydive to tick something off your bucket list.

Whatever your reasons for taking up this amazing challenge, you can be safe in the knowledge that a professional instructor will be with you every step of the way and all of us here at the Hospice would be incredibly proud to call you one of our supporters.

On the day of reckoning itself, you will arrive at 8am ready to throw yourself where you may never have thought to throw yourself before and, we know from our previous Hospice Heroes that your greatest asset will be patience. You will gaze at cloud formations until your neck is stiff, and keep your fingers crossed until they hurt, waiting to suit up, get your helmet on, dash to the plane, and get into the sky for the most exhilarating 60 seconds of your life.

And then you’ll want to do it all again…

One thing is for certain, the Nightingale House Tandem Skydive is an experience you will never forget so sign up, get sponsored and get going!

To register call 01978 314 292.