Spiritual and Pastoral Support at Nightingale House Hospice

Our team of staff and volunteers are here to help and support all patients, families and other visitors in dealing with the challenges and issues facing you at this time.

Spirituality is unique to each person, but we all have our own hopes, values and beliefs which the Chaplaincy team can help you with. Your spirituality helps you to cope with what happens to you throughout life and you will have your own ways of coping and managing what is happening to you now. We can help with making sense of what is happening to you and working out what gives meaning and value to your life.

Often, the biggest help we can give is by providing a compassionate, non-judgemental and independent listening ear. Spirituality is not religion, but some people do express their spirituality through their religious faith. The Chaplaincy team can help you with this, either directly or by making contact with a local faith representative of your choosing.

A quiet place

Sometimes people find it helpful to escape from the day-to-day routine. You can
always ask to go outside into our gardens or inside to the chapel, where you will find a place of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the hubbub of the daily routine.

Who can help?

All staff and volunteers at the Hospice are trained in providing spiritual care and you can feel free to talk to anyone who you feel comfortable with. Sometimes they may recommend that you talk directly with a member of the Chaplaincy team or you can ask to see a Chaplain yourself.

Nightingale House aims to provide a comprehensive service of spiritual and pastoral care throughout the Hospice for patients and visitors, staff and volunteers.

Nightingale House Hospice is a registered charity; we are not part of the NHS. We provide our services free of charge to all patients. It costs around £3 Million to run the Hospice each year which equates to nearly £8,000 per day. We only receive around 22% of our running costs from the Welsh Assembly Government and the Health Board. To ensure the Hospice keeps running we need to fund the remaining 78% from our own fundraising activities which includes support from our local community and gifts from peoples Wills.

How to find us

We are based on Chester Road in Wrexham. Whilst we attempt to provide car parking space for our patients and their visitors, from time to time our car park is full. On these occasions we kindly ask that you do not double park/park on double yellow lines (even if you have a disabled badge) as this restricts access for ambulances/emergency vehicles and deliveries.

There is street parking available within a short distance of the Hospice.