Sharing and supporting: advice for carers

patient-care-15-8-13It has been great over the last couple of weeks to have some feedback regarding the new blog and also a very kind offer of working together with others to develop the content and information we share.

I was contacted by one particular gentlman, Cameron, who has experience of being a carer for a patient with a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Cameron wondered if he could share some of the important lessons he has learned during his time as a carer. He wanted to offer some useful advice for others who may be carers.

Many of the points Cameron offers are very topical, in terms of the discussions we have with patients and their carers here at Nightingale House. For example, there are techniques available to help maintain control when situations are at risk of getting out of hand.

I have included some of Cameron’s points below, which will hopefully prove to be useful reminders to other carers.

    1. As a carer, consider what resources are available to you. These might be information resources – giving you the means to learn about a particular condition. They might be resources of time and support offered by friends.
    2. Look for support groups and network groups that may be familiar with local services and available treatments.
    3. Make use of technology, ask questions and carry a notebook with you both to aid your memory, and also to plan and prioritise what you need to do.

Crucially, Cameron highlights the importance of:

    • Looking after your own health
    • Finding a way of making time for yourself
    • Knowing your limits
    • Not being afraid to accept any offers of help


Director of Nursing