Remember, remember to get involved in Movember

Remember, remember to get involved in Movember

Every November, a band of perfectly ordinary men take on the ultimate task of Movember. These are men of honour, men of bravery, men who are prepared to donate their own faces to the worthiest of causes.

There is something distinctive about Movember. Something that can transform a national campaign, specifically for men, into power, action and results for your local Hospice.

Why do I think that taking this opportunity to support your local Hospice is so important? For me, it’s clear: Nightingale House work tirelessly to make a difference to every life and because let’s face it, we know that we could end up needing their support one day, know people who have already or who might in the future.

And so it is that I ask the men of North Wales to unite, to cast of the shackles of the razor from the 1st November and to emerge on the 30th hairy and proud that they have made a difference to their local Hospice and a difference to someone’s life.

No mo? No problem

Good news! You don’t need to have a moustache to be a part of this movement. Movember is not restricted to furry decoration of the upper lip. I personally can’t groom or grow a moustache, but this does not prevent me from being a ‘Mo Sista’ and ladies, you can get involved too.

You could:

1. Join a team as a Mo Sista and get creative with some events to raise awareness and funds for Nightingale House.
– Spread the word and make the most out of your social media platforms and workplace to let everyone know that you’re a proud Mo Sista supporting your local Mo Bros.

– Host a Mo Party. Get the party started with your local Mo’s by registering and organising your own Mo Party. Host it in your local pub, community centre or social club just get together to celebrate your Movember journey.

– If you fancy something a bit more active, why not orgainise a get moving event in your workplace or community to encourage those around you to increase their physical activity.

2. Convince the men in your life to #growforit. We all know that Mo Sistas are agents of change and a word of encouragement can go a long way in helping a Mo Bro as he navigates the treacherous task of Movember.

3. Make Movember fun for your kids and yourself by rocking some fake moustaches and picking up some amazing moustache inspired.

Literally everyone can get involved in this year’s Movember campaign. Just make it fun, make it stylish and most importantly, make it about Nightingale House.
Ps. Hey Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, don’t forget to send me pictures of your fundraising efforts on social media.