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Rehabilitative Palliative Care is an interdisciplinary approach to enhance wellbeing and empower a person to live as independently as possible despite having a terminal diagnosis or a complex illness. Rehabilitation can be used to improve a person’s quality of life by helping them with; activities of daily living, pain relief, endurance, mobility and their mental wellbeing as well as helping to preserve as much independence as possible, resulting in a decreased burden on family and caregivers.

Following an extensive modernisation of the rehabilitation unit, the physiotherapy and occupational therapy departments have been combined to further enhance the rehabilitative approach here at Nightingale House Hospice.

Meet The Team

Kiran Chiluveru
Rehab Team Lead

Kate Wilson
Senior Physiotherapist

Clare Williams
Senior Occupational Therapist

Sharon Griffiths
Physiotherapy Technical Instructor

Leah Evans
Physiotherapy Assistant

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