Patients and carers working together

familiesOn Monday last week I spoke to members of the Neurological Alliance Wrexham (NAW) Group about advanced care planning.

We talked about both the Liverpool Care Pathway and the Integrated Care Priorities document that is used in Wales.

The NAW was established because some people who are living with a neurological condition and their carers felt it was too difficult to access the services they need.

The group meets regularly to respond to consultations relevant to their conditions and also invite speakers along to discuss issues such as service planning and access – for example aids and appliances such as crutches or services such as hydrotherapy.

The group is also part of a network of Neurological Alliances throughout the country. If you would like more information about the work of the local group then follow the link on the Wrexham County Borough Council website.

If you or someone you care for is living with a diagnosis of a neurological condition then please contact the group as new members are always welcome.

Motor Neurone disease is a neurological condition at the forefront of our minds this week at the hospice. Today we welcome approximately 30 health professionals from the local area to a study day at the hospice looking at the practical issues in terms of nutrition and respiratory support of patients who come into our care.

Education and training are an important part of our work at Nightingale House both for patients and carers through the Monday programme and for staff working at the hospice and in the local area. More about this in a future post.




Director of Nursing