New month and new beginnings

physioToday we welcome some new members to the team at the hospice as we run an induction day for new members of staff and new volunteers.

Our induction programme at the hospice is the beginning of our relationship with staff and volunteers including our trustees to set the foundations of understanding the work of the hospice and the role we have within the community.

The induction programme aims to give all our team a consistent message not only about the services we deliver, a message that they can share with others in their own communities but also about the responsibilities they now have for our patients and their families and this responsibility stretches across all roles and levels of responsibility.

Meanwhile, in day unit plans are underway for an open morning being held on Monday July 8th 2013. The open morning gives individuals the chance to come along and find out about the different services the hospice has to offer and also how we work alongside other health and social care professionals to ensure seamless care and support.

Also on the 8th July between 3pm and 4pm our senior physiotherapist will be running a workshop at the hospice on breathlessness management. Patients can often be distressed or experience panic as a result of breathlessness and Helen will explain some of the techniques which can be used to manage this symptom.

Come along on the 8th July and see what the hospice has to offer, try your hand at a new skill or project in our creative therapies room with Amy or just come along with your quesions about the services and support we offer.



Tracy Livingstone
Director ofNursing

Director of Nursing