She will be walking with me: Flintshire woman to put her best foot forward in memory of her mum

A young Flintshire woman is to put her best foot forward in memory of her mum. The compassion shown to a 54-year-old mum who fought cancer has inspired her 18 year old daughter to take on the challenge of a charity walk.

Meg Lewis from Flintshire, lost her mother Sue after her battle with the disease came to an end after just 12 months. During her mother’s illness, Meg and the rest of her family were supported by the tireless staff at Nightingale House Hospice on Chester Road, Wrexham.

After witnessing firsthand the care and devotion paid to her mum, Meg decided to give something back to the charity and now plans to pound the pavements in their annual Ladies Midnight Walk.

She said: “My mum only spent a week at Nightingale Hospice following a 12 month battle with cancer and yet despite how short of a time it was, I always felt that the staff truly cared about her and us as her family.

“The staff and volunteers were kind and sensitive towards us, but never sombre, and they allowed my mum to die in peace and with dignity, surrounded by the people who loved her most.”

The Nightingale House Ladies Midnight Walk sees women from across North Wales turn Wrexham into a sea of pink as they take on a 6k or 10k walk to honour lost loved ones and, raise vital funds for people whose lives are shorter than they should be. Meg said her mother would be very proud as she was always helping others and would have loved to get involved with the Midnight Walk.

She said: “My mum worked to support others as a nurse for over 30 years and she was there for anyone. She really was an incredible, inspirational lady and I know she would have loved to have taken part herself and shown everyone in Wrexham how much girl power can make a difference to a really worthwhile charity.”

This year’s walk will be the second time Meg has shown her support for Nightingale House and admits that her attitude to both the challenge and the grieving process is ‘one step at a time.’

“When my mother passed away I was trying to think of something to keep myself going. Losing someone you love, especially for teenagers and young people like myself, can be an incredibly isolating experience.

“However, I knew I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to Nightingale House. Taking part in the Midnight walk, there’s a definite sense of community. You’re surrounded by hundreds of people who have gone through the same as you, and by people who simply want to show you that they care.

“It makes you feel much less alone. You can remember your loved one and help others at the same time. That’s a really comforting feeling.”

“The absence of one person can change the lives of so many people, but so too can the generosity of one person. I want to make a difference for Nightingale House and their patients,” she added.

“Every step that I take on the Ladies Midnight Walk will be for my mum and I know she will be walking beside me, cheering me on all the way. I hope every woman in North Wale will join me.”

The Ladies Midnight Walk takes place on the 17th June at 10:30pm and is open to all ladies aged 8 and over.

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