Find a member of your local clergy

People often do not know who their local Vicar is or where to find them, so the maps below might help you.

St Aspah Diocese covers our general catchment area and is divided into three geographical areas (called Archdeaconries) as follows:

  • Archdeaconry of Wrexham covers the central area, spreading west from Wrexham.
  • Archdeaconry of St Asaph covers the North Wales coastal region and slightly inland from there.
  • Archdeaconry of Montgomery covers the south of the Diocese.
  • A map of Roman Catholic churches is also available below.

A map of each Archdeaconry is available below. Each blue flag is the position of a church. Click on the flag and you will get details of the Vicar, the local Area Dean and the Archcdeacon, one of whom is sure to be able to help you.

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