Executive box for lucky patient

Last week saw a very special occasion for one gentleman on our in-patient unit.

We received a telephone call from the Ruabon based company Morgan Technical Ceramics (a local branch of Morgan Advanced Materials) offering one of our patients tickets to the Tuesday evening football match between Manchester City and Wigan.

Having identified someone who would be well enough to make the trip and also who used to play football himself as a semi-professional, we were put in touch with Damian at the companies Worcester office who gave us all the information and sorted out the tickets.

A big thank you has to be said to the company who made this a real experience of a lifetime, the full ‘platinum package’ with a lovely meal before the match and executive box seating, but also for the attention to detail in providing a route plan and sorting out priority parking close to the entrance really made this an evening to remember for our patient and his son who accompanied him to the match.

I have two reasons for sharing this experience with you this week. Firstly to say a big thank you to Morgan Advanced Materials for making this happen, and secondly to say we often have patients who have things they would like to achieve. At the Hospice we ask ourselves the question ‘How can we make this happen?’ Sometimes this means daring to be a little different in the way we approach things.

So if you have a local business and get a phone call from the Hospice with what might seem like an unusual request, stop and ask why. Perhaps behind the request is a patient who has a special goal to achieve while they can.

Director of Nursing