• Emotional and social support

Emotional and social support

The Hospice Social Work team helps people through distressing periods in life. They provide emotional and practical support to everyone who has been referred to the hospice.

Bereavement care and support is also available to the family members of people who have been referred to the hospice.

Social workers are based at Nightingale House Hospice and can be contacted either in person, by telephone or email.

If you or your family member have not been referred to the hospice for treatment, but would like more information, please contact us.


Release – bereavement support for children

The Hospice also provides Release, a bereavement support service to all children and young people who are under 19 years old and who live in the catchment area. Referrals to the Release service are accepted from any source. This can include family members, school teachers, school nurses, GP’s or the young person themselves.

Quotes from other people

They provide someone to talk to who is not a member of the family.

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