Denbighshire councillor gets on his bike to rev up Ride Out

Councillor Stuart Davies has gone full throttle in his bid to encourage people to take part in a charity motorcycle ride.

Councillor Davies along with his wife, Laura are ready and raring to go hell for leather in the Nightingale House Motorbike Ride Out 2017.

The 100 mile return route on Sunday, 7th May starts at the Pavilion in Llangollen and takes on some of the most beautiful and exhilarating routes of North Wales including the famous Horseshoe Pass, which, at 1,400 ft above sea level, is a great place to stop and survey the world.

‘Simply phenomenal’ is how Councillor Davies described the fund-raising mass ride-out as he prepares to take on the challenge for the first time this year.

“Last year’s Ride Out was a huge success with hundreds of big-hearted bikers gathered together on their motorbikes,” said Councillor Davies.

“There were people everywhere waving and cheering them on, it really was spectacular.”

Stuart Davies, who represents the community of Llangollen, said that he and his wife have been riding for years and hoped this year’s event, would be a real ‘knockout.’

“Riding motorbikes is one of the hobbies myself and my wife participate in and we are so proud to be able to put our passion into an event that will benefit such a worthy cause,” he said.


The Councillor has also been offered the chance to lead off riders at the start of the event with staff from Nightingale House encouraging members of the community to join him.

“It is a real honour to be asked to lead off the riders. I’m known as a motorbike enthusiast with one always in my garage and this will be a great way to encourage more people to get on their bikes for a fantastic charity. I’m really excited to be involved.

“I know that the Nightingale House Ride Out will be an absolute knockout this year – it’s going to be truly phenomenal. I can’t wait to get going,” he added.

Sam Eastwood, Hospice Fundraiser said: “Nightingale House Ride Out is an event that really puts North Wales on the map as the bikers’ rally of the year. In the past, we have had riders come from all over the UK and this year, we hope the event will be even bigger and better.

“We are so grateful to Councillor Davies and Laura for getting on board with our Ride Out and we can’t wait to see everybody on their motorbikes.

“People choose to take part in the Ride Out for different reasons. Some join us on the day because they have lost somebody they love at the hospice others get involved because they want to ride the stunning roads and enjoy the scenery of North Wales. Whatever your reason for revving up your engine, you can be assured that every penny we raise from this event will go towards helping people whose lives are shorter than they should be. We just have to keep our fingers crossed for some good weather!”

To book your place in the Nightingale House Motorbike Ride Out, or for further information about the event, contact the fundraising team on 01978 314 292 or email