Christmas Lunch At Caffi Cwtch

Now and again we have been asked to produce something beyond our day to day offering in Caffi Cwtch. This month we had the honour of hosting Alan’s birthday. It was a pleasure to bring over his special cake and we are told it went down a treat! (picture Alan’s birthday)

It might only be halfway through November but Christmas for us has already started (we haven’t even had our team Caffi Cwtch Christmas party yet)!

Every morning, since we opened back in September, the whole Caffi Cwtch team have a quick sit down (before we throw open the doors to our eagerly awaiting public) to discuss the finer points of Christmas. We debate puds, crackers and how we can make sure all the little things that make a Christmas lunch so special are all taken care of.

Our starting point is the Christmas menu! Have you ever tried debating the benefits of Christmas pudding Vs cheese and crackers in September? People laugh at you. We then forget about it for a couple of days, let our ideas sink in and before you know it, it’s October and it’s time to get our Christmas menu out there when we really should be getting ready for Halloween!

If you follow Nightingale House Hospice on Facebook, you’ll see us there, working away, shouting about every step of the festive process, causing sizeable offence to Bah Humbugs all year through. That’s right, next year, we have every intention of our Christmas prep very well starting in January! Well, we have to make next year even better than this one right?

Anyway, back to 2016, it’s November and we have got the festive menu, we have got the decorations AND we have started getting pre-orders through (some days are ALREADY fully booked).

We are, quite literally, ready to get the party started!

If you fancy joining us for our traditional Christmas lunch (from the 1st to 22nd December), or even just taking a little peak at what’s on offer, you can view our menu below.

Don’t forget to give one of us a call on 01978 314292 to secure your spot.