Caffi Cwtch Now Open At Nightingale House Hospice

Caffi Cwtch is now open at Nightingale House Hospice and we’ve finally found a moment to create our new monthly blog.

It seems to have been a while in the making but Caffi Cwtch is finally fully and completely open and what a busy few weeks it has been.

So as this is our first (hurrah) blog, we thought we would share some lesser known facts about Caffi Cwtch. Even those of you who have already popped in to see us may very well learn something.

1) Cwtch is a favourite word in the Welsh language meaning cuddle. Not just any kind of cuddle however, a Cwtch is when a truly special person puts their arms around you and shelters you from the world and its pressures. That’s a Cwtch.

2) Our Nightingale House Hospice head chef has cooked for the Queen and the Emperor of Japan!

3) Our coffee is responsibly sourced from Coffee 1652. Associated with the Rainforest Alliance and produced in Monte Sion, Coffee 1652 utilises the surrounding environment of the rainforest to make coffee beans sweeter with a better aroma.

4) We make all of our food from scratch and we are very much into sourcing our ingredients locally where possible.

5) We are expanding our gluten free selection and already have at least two gluten free options on the menu. Here’s to many more to come!

Anyone who reads this blog will soon come to realise that at Caffi Cwtch, we have a serious habit. We are totally addicted to our customers! We love talking with them about their day and most of all, we love seeing their expressions when they take that very first sip of coffee or bite of cake. We adore every one of those moments.

We also love the relationship that we have we our suppliers as an independent retailer. We look forward to our weekly chats with our bread or meat man and being able to call on local experts for any advice is fantastic.

Basically, through all the ramblings, what we are trying to say is thank you. Thank you to our new regulars and contacts. Without you we wouldn’t be able to exist.
And if you haven’t been in to see us yet, what are you waiting for? Come in and treat yourself. You deserve it.